03 – Final Fantasy

Ricky and Dirk try to explain the globally popular Role-playing game franchise, Final Fantasy, to Dave. Ricky repeatedly mistakenly refers to the episode as “episode two”. Dirk sings some jingles for our segments. Dave describes his very own ‘Final Fantasy’. It’s easily the most haunting thing Ricky and Dirk have had to sit through so far.

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02 – Hearthstone

Ricky and Dirk try to explain Blizzard’s wildly successful on-line card game, Hearthstone, to Dave. We have a special guest on to help us explain the game. We then burn all ties to the guest very quickly. Bad idea? Hard to say. Dave mentions an arcade game he loved. Dirk reveals that he is, “For the wild!” Ricky edited out a LOT of conversations from this episode. Enjoy … ?