06 – The Dark Tower (Part 1)

Ricky and Dirk do their best to start explaining Stephen King’s sprawling western-fantasy-scifi-horror-adventure series, The Dark Tower, to Dave.  He admits that it’s the first story he could possibly get into (if he could read). Dirk manages to talk about The Wheel of Time.  Ricky mindlessly brings back the controversial game, ‘Dave Talks’.  Dave gets REALLY DEEP about THE WORLD.


05 – Battlestar Galactica

Ricky and Dirk try to explain the ambitious science fiction space opera of Battlestar Galactica (2004-2009) to Dave. Full disclosure – we basically detail and question the ENTIRETY of the show’s plot in this episode. So, uh, spoiler alert. Ricky shits all over the charming robot film ‘Chappie’. Dirk rips open some glaring plot holes. Dave questions his own sexuality.

04 – The Wheel of Time (Part I)

Ricky and Dirk quickly realize they’ve made a huge mistake in trying to describe Robert Jordan’s sprawling high fantasy epic novel series, The Wheel of Time, to Dave. The boys reveal the origin story for this topic as well as the podcast. Dirk plays coy about his feelings for his favourite character and their clothing choices. Ricky investigates Robert Jordan’s murky past. Dave tells us the first thing he would say to a dog if he could speak to them. It’s not exactly mind-blowing.

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