08 – Akira

Ricky and Dirk try to explain the widely influential cult classic cyberpunk, sci-fi anime film Akira, to Dave.  Ricky describes his dream jacket.  Dirk screams the lead characters names over and over for an hour.  Dave reveals he would like to be the leader of a very warm-hearted biker gang.  Everyone struggles comically trying to pronounce Japanese words.


07 – How to be a man (Rambo: First Blood)


Friend of the podcast, Steve, joins us as Dave takes over and tries to explain to Dirk and Ricky how to be a man. He uses the appropriate film, Rambo: First Blood, as a medium to get across such points as: Which directions should stabbing flow in? How much oil should you use when showing off ripped pecs? And how do you cook ravioli THE RIGHT WAY?

This was probably a huge mistake.