Two Nerds and a Guy From Long Island is a bi-weekly podcast that was borne from the attempts of Ricky and Dirk, two life-long proto-nerd friends, to desperately explain the geekier sides of life to their native Long Island pal, Dave.

The results are, well, a mixed bag.

Can Ricky and Dirk explain the phonetic intricacies of Elvish?  Why Arrakis is the only place in the galaxy you can get melange?  The difference between a Moogle and an Esper?  And whether or not Han shot first?

… And does Dave even care?  Find out with us!

Oh, and Dave originally wanted our icon to represent his glasses with big, ripped muscle arms.  So here’s that:

Ricky Podcast2

All images and art associated with the Two Nerds and a Guy from Long Island podcast were designed and produced by Leen Bellens.

The intro/outro song in our podcast is “Blooper Reeling” by halc, off the album World 1-2.  You can find more from halc here, and the album here.