10 – Old Man’s War

Ricky and Dirk pull a sci-fi hat trick by forcing a sleepy Dave listen to them geek out about John Scalzi’s Starship-Troopers-adjacent novel, Old Man’s War. Ricky sings a Gregorian battle hymn. Dirk gives us all a lesson on the properties of time-space. Dave. Has. His. Mind. BLOWN. (And loves it.)


07 – How to be a man (Rambo: First Blood)


Friend of the podcast, Steve, joins us as Dave takes over and tries to explain to Dirk and Ricky how to be a man. He uses the appropriate film, Rambo: First Blood, as a medium to get across such points as: Which directions should stabbing flow in? How much oil should you use when showing off ripped pecs? And how do you cook ravioli THE RIGHT WAY?

This was probably a huge mistake.

00 – Dune


Ricky and Dirk try to explain the science-fiction epic, Dune, to Dave.  Dave asks a lot of questions about curry.  There is also a Kevin Bacon reference.

NOTICE: This is our first PILOT episode.  The audio quality is just as dirty as our mouths, so, uh, sorry?  Have a listen to see if you like the cut of our jib.  But please don’t judge us on the quality.  We promise better.  Soon.  Like.  Real soon.

– 2N & 1G