10 – Old Man’s War

Ricky and Dirk pull a sci-fi hat trick by forcing a sleepy Dave listen to them geek out about John Scalzi’s Starship-Troopers-adjacent novel, Old Man’s War. Ricky sings a Gregorian battle hymn. Dirk gives us all a lesson on the properties of time-space. Dave. Has. His. Mind. BLOWN. (And loves it.)


09 – Starcraft

Ricky and Dirk try to paint a word picture for Dave of one of their favorite real-time strategy games of all time, Starcraft. Ricky admits some things about Jim Raynor that he probably wishes he could take back. Dirk goes online. Dave has some ground-breaking ideas concerning Zerg family trees, and also enjoys a delicious Marino’s Cherry Italian Ice.

BONUS: Listen for a special word from our first sponsor, ‘Water Up Dawg’, during the break!

08 – Akira

Ricky and Dirk try to explain the widely influential cult classic cyberpunk, sci-fi anime film Akira, to Dave.  Ricky describes his dream jacket.  Dirk screams the lead characters names over and over for an hour.  Dave reveals he would like to be the leader of a very warm-hearted biker gang.  Everyone struggles comically trying to pronounce Japanese words.

00 – Dune


Ricky and Dirk try to explain the science-fiction epic, Dune, to Dave.  Dave asks a lot of questions about curry.  There is also a Kevin Bacon reference.

NOTICE: This is our first PILOT episode.  The audio quality is just as dirty as our mouths, so, uh, sorry?  Have a listen to see if you like the cut of our jib.  But please don’t judge us on the quality.  We promise better.  Soon.  Like.  Real soon.

– 2N & 1G